Campus Civitan

Campus Civitan is a collegiate volunteer service organization. Clubs focus on helping people with developmental disabilities, primarily through supporting the Civitan International Research Center. Individual clubs support people with disabilities by working on local projects such as Special Olympics, as well as other projects that provide services for the community. Campus clubs offer each member the opportunity to develop his or her leadership skills, public speaking abilities, managerial tools and organizational skills. Campus clubs are also an excellent way to meet people with similar interests in the community and to strengthen the network of contacts with various people.

Campus Civitan clubs were first introduced in 1958, and many clubs thrived through the 1980s. In 1992, a program was started at the international level to re-energize the clubs throughout the Campus programs. Since then, Campus Civitan has been striving to build new clubs and strengthen membership in existing clubs for growth into the future.

The vision of Campus Civitan is one of students with dynamic leadership and career skills facilitating sensitivity to human needs. Our members will serve our campuses and local communities while bridging the gap of cultural diversity among the citizens of our world. The organization’s atmosphere of respect and acceptance among peers nurtures the ideas and vision of every Campus Civitan.

Through exercising a healthy disregard for the impossible, our members’ efforts will be limited only by how much we believe we can do. Our members will learn, lead, follow and give, while acting in the spirit of the Civitan Creed.

To find out more about Campus Civitan, please contact the Civitan International Youth and Campus department here, or call 1-800-CIVITAN, extension 131.