A Club for Everyone

At Civitan, we have a club for all ages. Our  mission is to build good citizenship by providing a volunteer organization of clubs dedicated to serving individual and community needs, with an emphasis on helping people with developmental disabilities. We are looking for dedicated members willing to help in any way possible. 

There are also local openings for younger charters, and with your help we can put Loudoun on the map by building a community of civic minded individuals looking to help those in need.


Civitan International is an organization of community service clubs dedicated to helping others. There are Civitan clubs in more than 35 countries around the world, all working to make a difference. Chances, are there’s a club near you!

Civitan has a special emphasis on helping people with developmental disabilities. As part of that mission, clubs help fund the Civitan International Research Center. This world-class research center is dedicated to better treatment and understanding for disorders such as autism, cerebral palsy, brain cancer, and other illnesses of the human brain.


Membership in your local Civitan club goes beyond making a difference in the lives of others. Civitan membership provides opportunities for personal growth, leadership training, and organizational experience. Civitans from all walks of life have gone on to serve as leaders at the club, regional, and even international levels.

Many also join Civitan to meet civic-minded people, enjoy fellowship, and do something truly fulfilling with their free time. Your level of involvement is entirely up to you!

It costs little to become a Civitan member. New members are charged a small initiation fee, and members pay district-level and international dues on a quarterly basis. As a member, you can attend club meetings, participate in club projects, attend district and international events, and be eligible to hold office at the club, district, and international levels. Members also receive a subscription to Civitan Magazine.

Junior Civitan

Junior Civitan is the youth program of Civitan International, with clubs across North America and beyond. Junior Civitans are motivated, inspired, enthusiastic leaders in their schools and communities. Click here for the official Junior Civitan website.

Junior Civitan clubs are typically based at middle schools, junior high schools, high schools, and some are also formed as community-based clubs.  Junior Civitan clubs are self-governing, under the guidance of a faculty advisor. Junior Civitans elect their own club officers, district governors, and even the Junior Board of Directors.

Junior Civitans volunteer in their schools and communities, often in partnership with their sponsoring Civitan clubs. Members join together to clean up their schools, educate their peers about social issues, and volunteer with great local charities. They also take part in regular meetings, group fundraisers, and the annual Junior Civitan International Convention.

Just like Civitan, Junior Civitan has a special focus on helping people with developmental disabilities. This is most visible through the Civitan International Research Center, a world-class facility dedicated to research into illnesses such as autism, brain cancer, cerebral palsy, and other illnesses of the human brain. Junior Civitans meet each year for the annual Sno-Do and Dance-a-thon fundraisers, which benefit this crucial research.

To find out more about Junior Civitan, please visit their website here. You can also contact the Junior Civitan department here, or call 1-800-CIVITAN, extension 131.

Campus Civitan

Campus Civitan is a collegiate volunteer service organization. Clubs focus on helping people with developmental disabilities, primarily through supporting the Civitan International Research Center. Individual clubs support people with disabilities by working on local projects such as Special Olympics, as well as other projects that provide services for the community. Campus clubs offer each member the opportunity to develop his or her leadership skills, public speaking abilities, managerial tools and organizational skills. Campus clubs are also an excellent way to meet people with similar interests in the community and to strengthen the network of contacts with various people.

Campus Civitan clubs were first introduced in 1958, and many clubs thrived through the 1980s. In 1992, a program was started at the international level to re-energize the clubs throughout the Campus programs. Since then, Campus Civitan has been striving to build new clubs and strengthen membership in existing clubs for growth into the future.

The vision of Campus Civitan is one of students with dynamic leadership and career skills facilitating sensitivity to human needs. Our members will serve our campuses and local communities while bridging the gap of cultural diversity among the citizens of our world. The organization’s atmosphere of respect and acceptance among peers nurtures the ideas and vision of every Campus Civitan.

Through exercising a healthy disregard for the impossible, our members’ efforts will be limited only by how much we believe we can do. Our members will learn, lead, follow and give, while acting in the spirit of the Civitan Creed.

To find out more about Campus Civitan, please contact the Civitan International Youth and Campus department here, or call 1-800-CIVITAN, extension 131.

YP Civitan

Started in 2013, the YP (young professionals) Civitan program is designed for young adults ages 21-35. This initiative offers all the core benefits of Civitan membership, as well as the valuable chance to help others, to young adults and professionals in today’s fast-paced world.

YP Civitan clubs operate in much the same manner as traditional Civitan clubs, with an increased emphasis on service projects over organizational duties. This exciting new initiative is tailor-made for young adults who want to make a difference in their community, but have limited time to do so.

The first YP Civitan Club was chartered in June 2013, in Greensboro, North Carolina. Organizational resources are still being finalized at Civitan International Headquarters and will be posted online in the coming months.

To find out more about YP Civitan, or learn how to help charter a club in your community, click here to contact the Civitan International Youth and Campus Department. You can also call 1-800-CIVITAN, ext. 131.